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Fernando Pascual Ferrer
Josefa Vélez Liboy
(Cir 1872-1936)
Jose Maria Wenceslao Baralt Camuñas
Manuela Matta Rendón
"Ignacio" Del Carmen Pascual Vélez
Maria De La Concepcion Baralt Matta
Dr. José Fernando Pascual Baralt Col, USAF, Retired


Family Links

1. Aixa Amadeo González

Dr. José Fernando Pascual Baralt Col, USAF, Retired

  • Born: 1938, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • Christened: Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • Marriage (1): Aixa Amadeo González

bullet  General Notes:

1. Residencias:
a. Beach View Drive, Fort Walton Beach, FL: 1964-1966
b. Estado St., Miramar, P.R.: 1966-1969
c. 10837 Bucknell Drive, Wheaton, MD20902: 1969-1971
d. Marti St., Miramar, PR 00907.: 1971-1972
e. 825 Marti St., Apt. 4A, Miramar, PR 00907: 1972-1980
f. 804 Marti St., Miramar, PR 00907/ 1980-1986
g. 7419 Round Mountain Dr., San Antonio, TX 78255/1986-Actual

2. Education and Training:

a. Undergraduate:
[1] SchoolUniversity of Puerto Rico
[2] MajorGeneral Science
[3] DegreeB.S.
[4] Date1960

b. Professional Education:
[1] SchoolUniversity of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
[2] DegreeDoctor in Medicine
[3] DateMay 1963

c. Post-Graduate Education:
[1] InternshipRotating, San Juan City Hospital, San Juan, P.R, July 196
3-June 1964
[2] ResidencyPediatrics, San Juan City Hospital, San Juan, P.R, Augu st 1966-July 1968

3 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship:
a. Summer Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Puer to Rico School of Medicine, June 1959 - August 1959
b. Summer Research Fellow, Department of Experimental Parasitology, Unive rsity of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, June 1960 - August 1960
c. Summer Research Fellow, Department of Radiotherapy, University of Puer to Rico School of Medicine, June 1961 - August 1961 and June 1962 - Augu st 1962

4.Post Doctoral Fellowship:
Renal Disease and Physiology, Children's Hospital of the District of Colu mbia and Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, D. C., July 1969-Ju ne 1971

5. Board Certification:
a. Specialty Board Certification:
[1] SpecialtyPediatrics
[2] BoardAmerican Board of Pediatrics
[3] Certificate Number17379
[4] Date8 September 1974

b. Subspecialty Board Certification:
[1] SubspecialtyPediatric Nephrology
[2] BoardSub-Board in Pediatric Nephrology
American Board of Pediatrics
[3] Certificate Number 89
[4] Date28 September 1974

6. Licensures:
a. StateCommonwealth of Puerto Rico
b. License Number3005

7. Military Service:

Captain, Medical Corps
United States Air Force
Eglin Air Force Base, Florida1964-1966

Captain, Medical Corps
Puerto Rico Army National Guard
201st Mobile Army Surgical Hospital1967-1969

Captain, Medical Corps
District of Columbia National Guard
117th Evacuation Hospital1969-1970

Major, Medical Corps
Puerto Rico Army National Guard
201st Combat Support Hospital1981-1983
201st Evacuation Hospital1983-1984

Lt. Col., Medical Corps
Puerto Rico Army National Guard
201st Evacuation Hospital1984-1986

Lt. Col., Medical Corps, U.S. Air Force1986-1990
Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center
Lackland Air Force Base, Texas 78236

Colonel, Medical Corps, USAF1990-2004
Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center
Lackland Air Force Base, Texas 78236

8. Professional Military Education:

U.S. Air Force Basic Course
Gunter Air Force Base, Alabama
August 1964

U.S. Army Advanced Course
U.S. Army Reserve School
Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico

U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
May 1987

Air War College Associate Studies
Air War University
November 1989

Global Medicine Course
3 - 14 Feb 1997
Randolph AFB, TX
San Antonio, TX

Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
19-23 May 1997
San Antonio, Texas

C4A Executive Course
11-18 July 1997
Joint Medical Readiness Training

9. Academic Appointments:
University of Puerto Rico
School of Medicine
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics1973-1976
Clinical Assistant Professor in Pediatrics1976-1977
Assistant Professor in Pediatrics1977-1979
Associate Professor in Pediatrics1979-1986

F. E. Hebert School of Medicine
Washington, D.C.
Associate Professor in Pediatrics1987-Present

University of Texas Health Science Campus
San Antonio, Texas
Clinical Associate Professor in Pediatrics1987-1997
Clinical Professor in Pediatrics1997-Present

10. Awards:
Nestle Award1967
American Academy of Pediatrics
Puerto Rico Chapter

Honorary Member1971
Dominican Republic Pediatric Society

Travel Grant to Attend1972
V International Congress of Nephrology
American Society of Nephrology

11. Professional Societies:

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity1962

Puerto Rico Medical Association1966-1986

Pediatric Section
Puerto Rico Medical Association1968-1986

American Society of Nephrology1971-Present

American Society of
Pediatric Nephrology1971-2004

International Society of Nephrology1971-2004

Nephrology Section
Puerto Rico Medical Association1973-1976

Council on the Kidney
American Heart Association1973-

International Society of
Pediatric Nephrology1973-2004

American Society for
Artificial Internal Organs1974-

Sociedad Latinoamericana
de Nefrología1974

Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics1974-Present

Nephrology Section
American Academy of Pediatrics1976-Present

New York Academy of Sciences1983-1984

American Society of Military Surgeons
of the United States1984-Present

International Society of Hemofiltration1985-1986

12. Offices:

Chairman, Medical Review Board
E.S.R.D. Network Council No. 291975-1982

Nephrology Section
Puerto Rico Medical Association1976-1977

President, Pediatric Section
Puerto Rico Medical Association1976-1977

Program Coordinator:
First Pediatric Nephrology Symposium1976
Second Pediatric Nephrology Symposium1977
Third Pediatric Nephrology Symposium1979
Fourth Pediatric Nephrology Symposium1980
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fundación Puertorriqueña del Riñón
[Puerto Rico Kidney Foundation]1980-1982

E.S.R.D. Network Council No. 291982-1984

Alternate Chairman, Puerto Rico Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics1981-1984

Chairman, Puerto Rico Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics1984-1986

Pediatric Research in Office Setting
Uniformed Services Chapter West
American Academy of Pediatrics

13. Committees:

Puerto Rico State Board of Health
"Ad-Hoc" Committee for Kidney Diseases-1973-74

ESRD Council No. 29 for Puerto Rico
and Virgin Islands
Member, Medical Review Board1976-1985
Chairman, Medical Review Board1976-1983
Chairman, By-Laws Committee1983-1985
Chairman, Nominating Committee1984-1985
Member, Executive Committee1976-1985
Secretary of the Council1982-1985

Hemodialysis and Transplantation Committee
San Juan City Hospital1973-1983

Scientific Committee
Puerto Rico Medical Association1971-1972

Chairman, Scientific Committee
Puerto Rico Medical Association1985-1986

Human Research and Experimentation Committee
San Juan City Hospital1975-1976

Executive Committee
San Juan City Hospital1973-1975

Interns and Residents Committee
San Juan City Hospital1976-1978

Advisory Committee on Health Services
Head Start Program1976-1978

Committee for Epidemiological Investigation
of High Blood Pressure in the Young1976-1977

Program Content Committee
Fifth International
Pediatric Nephrology Symposium
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1977-1980

Program Content Committee
Sixth International
Pediatric Nephrology Symposium
Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany-1980-1983

QA/RM Monitor1988-1998
Department of Pediatrics
Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center

Honorary Member Board of Directors
Children's Transplant Association
South Central Texas Chapter
San Antonio, Texas1988-1992

Honorary Member Board of Directors
Transplants for Children
San Antonio, Texas1992-

Senior Member
San Antonio Composite Squadron
Civil Air Patrol
Lackland Air Force Base, Texas1991-1994

14. Training Program Director:

Director, Pediatric Residency Training Program
San Juan City Hospital1977-1978

Director Pediatric Nephrology
Fellowship Training Program
San Juan City Hospital1972-1986
San Juan, Puerto Rico

15. Bibliography

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16. Syllabi

1. Syllabus on Humanitarian Civic Actions and Medical Readiness Training E xercises in Central and South America. 1997

2. Syllabus on Pediatric Nephrology. San Antonio Military Pediatric Cente r, 1996

1940 United States Federal Census about José Fernando Pascual
Name: José Fernando Pascual
Age: 1
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1939
Gender: Varon (Male)
Race: Blanco (White)
Birthplace: Puerto Rico
Marital Status: Soltero (Single)
Relation to Head of House: Nieto (Grandchild)
Home in 1940: Fajardo, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
View Map
Street: Calle Muñoz Rivera
Sheet Number: 3A

17.Book Chapters

1. Pascual, JF: Pseudohypoaldosteronism. Pediatrics: An On-line Medical R eference. 1st Edition. St. Petersburg. Emedicine Online Textbooks. Ed. Ste ven Altschuler et al. 1999. Emedicine .com < ndex.shtml>

2. Pascual JF: Syndrome of Inappropriate Anti-Diuretic Hormone Secretio n. An On-line Medical Reference. 1st Edition. St. Petersburg. Emedicine On line Textbooks. Ed. Steven Altschuler et al. 1999. Emedicine .com <http://>

18. Books

1. Pascual, J.F. and Calcagno, P.L. [Editors]: Contributions to Nephrolog y, Vol. 15; Nephrologic Problems of the Newborn. S. Karger, Basel Switzerl and [Publishers], 1979.

2. Pascual, J.F. and Calcagno, P.L. [Editors]: Contributions to Nephrolog y, Vol. 27; Recent Advances in Pediatric Nephrology, S. Karger, Basel, Swi tzerland [Publishers], 1981.

19. Civilian Awards

1. Member, National Register's Who's Who in Executives and Professional s, 2004-2005


José married Aixa Amadeo González, daughter of Dr. Jesus Maria Amadeo García and Luz Maria Gónzalez Fantauzzi.

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